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Dots to patterns to aha

Dots to patterns to insight

Data is ubiquitous and growing exponentially. We process the plenty to the dot of wisdom. Our holistic solution takes in signals ranging from audio, video, text and structured and unstructured data. The engine processes it to create actionable insights. Its one size fit one.

Billion dots to the ones that matter

Kaliber Thinking MachineTM finds the needle you needed from your haystack. Data is no longer locked and hidden in silos. Insights are garnered by running complex queries with the simplicity of natural language commands.



Developed by an army of AI experts, the patented Kaliber Thinking MachineTM is the engine that powers our products and solutions. It is an evolving Artificial Intelligence engine, operates on information in multiple forms ranging from speech, video, and data, learning the underlying concepts, and applying them to more complex scenarios.


Link Product Suite – software that searches, analyzes, and connects the dots from diverse data sources. Over 200+ agencies in several states, including investigators and district attorneys, state police, and real time crime centers benefit from our Links Suite of products.