Our Government Solutions Team, Tetrus has been serving the government for over a decade.

Keeping the Nation Safe

Nationwide Suspicious Reporting Initiative, was created as a follow up to the recommendations of the 9/11 commission. This system, praised by the ACLU for the manner in which the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was managed, was used by counter-terrorism analysts across the country to uncover patterns of suspicious activities, discover unknown unknowns. The program resulted in over 900 FBI investigations and the disruption of several terrorism plots.

Keeping children safe

Through our work with Federal, State, Local and Tribal agencies, we are improving the health, safety and well-being of our children. We are currently implementing a national program to support the adoption of children across state boundaries.  This program, the National Electronic Interstate Compact Enterprise (NEICE) has already demonstrated the ability to substantially reduce the time taken to place a child across state boundaries. One of the highlights of this program is the ability for the states to share information quickly and efficiently across state boundaries.  This information sharing infrastructure has been developed using national standards and will be a guideline for future multi state information efforts at Health and Human Services.

Keeping inmates and officers safe

Kaliber has extensive experience developing and implementing integrated and automated Offender Management Systems (OMS), Jail Management Systems (JMS) and Investigative Case Management Systems for large jails to state Department of Corrections

The KTM helps you keep your at-risk individuals from returning to the jail. Our advanced AI-powered engine, identifies the most dangerous and the most at-risk individuals in your community. It uses your data and its powerful analytical models to identify the most at-risk individuals in your jurisdiction and helps you plan their release and connect them with the most appropriate community-based services.

Speeding up your investigations

KTM makes surveillance video footage searchable. Our system uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze your surveillance footage, identifying and labeling the activities of your prisoners, making large volumes of video searchable thereby saving you time and money when you conduct investigations into incidents in your jails and prisons.

KTM makes inmate telephone calls searchable. Our system, uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to convert spoken words to text with very high accuracy since it is adapted to the speech and noise patterns found in inmate telephone conversations. Our system uses powerful summarization speeds up your investigations and reducing your response time to requests from the prosecutors.

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