Software that searches, analyzes, and uncovers connections between diverse data sources.

PublicSafetyLink™, powered by Kaliber Thinking Machine, lets users find information about suspects by search terms such as tattoos, gang monikers, vehicle plates even when the information is located in systems supported by different vendors. Users can visualize patterns such as geographical area, time of days and the day of the week, etc., even when the information is sourced from multiple systems. In addition, users can view information from different vendor systems in a consistent manner, without the need to understand how the information is stored at the source.

Appropriately authorized users can examine logs maintained by the system to ensure that the information shared is not abused. Counties, cities and towns can make their information available for search with confidence.



PublicSafetyLinkTM handles large volumes of data. It is accessible through a web browser hosted on premises or off site in a secured cloud facility. It includes Natural Language Processing tools to analyze unstructured information. Extensive audit logging lets the owners of the data determine the users accessing their data, the search terms, and the records that were examined.

Performs Federated Search and Bundles Queries of Law Enforcement Information from a variety of sources. Users can search through multiple databases with search terms automatically extracted from the ingested documents. Users can start with selected items of interest and broaden the search, reaching into multiple data sources.

Shows Geospatial Views of the information ingested, such as shooting / robbery / burglary locations, ALPR hit locations, etc. Users can overlay additional mapping layers, such as camera locations, to help with investigations.

Shows Heat Map Views including time of day analysis, so users can visualize the information pertaining to the entire region or to selected jurisdictions. The heat maps and trend lines automatically adjust to the criteria selected.

Command, Control, and Collaboration: PublicSafetyLink provides command personnel with an overview of their area of responsibility, identifying trends and patterns. It also supports the field personnel by providing situational awareness, giving them the ability to act as the command staff’s (and each others’) eyes and ears.