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Defining the Future of
Arthroscopic Surgery

A surgeon-guided medtech company uniting
the skills of surgeons with the power of AI

Kaliber builds AI-powered solutions to meet the needs of patients, surgeons, and administrators in arthroscopic surgery. Our intelligent software is designed to generate insights from surgical procedures—cut to close—and channel them into surgeon-centric tools to support quality, access, and cost of care.

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Kaliber is building preoperative communication and information-sharing tools designed to streamline pre-op care and help address patient questions and concerns before surgery.

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Kaliber is developing real-time intraoperative AI to power a robust surgical toolkit, including surgical assistance in the OR and surgeon feedback and analytics.

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Kaliber’s in-development tools include a personalized post-op report with AI-labeled surgical imaging and videos that patients can refer to when communicating with their surgical team and physical therapist. Other features in development include patient monitoring and outcome tracking.

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Kaliber’s in-development physical therapy solutions include shareable intraoperative imaging and videos that physical therapists can use as they develop and adjust their patients’ rehabilitation protocols, as well as patient outcome tracking tools.

The Surgical Journey with Kaliber


Next-generation technology for
arthroscopic surgery

Kaliber is working to develop a comprehensive ecosystem of AI-powered surgical software solutions designed for every stakeholder in arthroscopic surgery.

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“Kaliber has set its sights on reducing surgical variability and expanding access to proficient care for patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery. Surgeons have been talking about this kind of technology for years, but only in theory because no one has been able to figure out how to build it until now.”

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Dr. Patrick Denard*

One of leading shoulder surgeons in North America • Surgeon at Oregon Shoulder Institute • Clinical Instructor, Oregon Heath & Science University • Co-author of two arthroscopic surgery textbooks

* Shareholder and member of Kaliber's Surgeon Advisory Board

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Kaliber News

  Dr. Richard Angelo .jpg

Kaliber Labs Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Richard Angelo Receives Distinguished Service Award
from AANA

Kaliber Labs | May 25, 2022

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