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Kaliber’s AI-powered surgical software is built to help hospitals and ASCs provide high-quality and efficient care and reduce surgical variability.

Kaliber works for hospitals and ASCs.

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Less stress on the patient means less stress on the system.

Kaliber Rekap will act as a one-stop resource for hospital and ASC staff looking to provide patients with reliable, accurate pre-op insights about their injury and operation to help relieve patient anxiety, make their interactions with staff more productive, and reduce misinformation collected from undirected online research.

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AI-powered guidance systems designed to maximize confidence and surgical capacity.

Kaliber is building AI-powered surgical software solutions that will equip surgeons with useful, reliable guidance during surgery – and help them achieve more accurate, consistent, and efficient surgical performance.

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Improve post-op patient engagement and satisfaction.

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Kaliber annotates surgeon-selected intraoperative images and video clips. This allows hospitals and ASCs to offer each patient personalized, labeled surgical imaging that facilitates productive patient-surgeon communication and boosts patient engagement, confidence, and satisfaction.

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A more connected post-op care team.

Kaliber’s annotated patient imaging and surgical notes can ease the transition from surgery to physical therapy by making sure patients, surgeons, and hospital administrative staff are all on the same page. The result: more effective and efficient post-op care and an informed, unified plan for recovery.

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cloud storage

Kaliber’s intraoperative solutions will be delivered through a single plug-and-play edge device that's fully compatible with existing towers and hardware.


Cloud storage means surgeons, hospitals, and ASCs will always have ready access to Kaliber’s most up-to-date offerings.