Improving surgery for patients everywhere

Surgery can be a difficult experience. Kaliber makes it easier.

Kaliber empowers patients.

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The pre-op support patients need
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It’s natural for patients to have questions before surgery. Kaliber Rekap™ will provide patients with accurate, reliable information about their injury and procedure so they can better communicate with their care team and enter surgery prepared.

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Surgical care that inspires confidence

Patients want to know their surgeon is using the best technology available – and Kaliber is pioneering intraoperative AI solutions that will give surgeons the tools they need to operate with greater consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Insights that empower patients

After surgery, Rekap gives patients an in-depth look at their injury and treatment – complete with labeled imaging and videos from their surgery, resources about relevant anatomy, and important information about their surgeon – so they can take a more active role in their own care and recovery.

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Physical therapy tailored to each patient

Physical therapy is key to a quick, successful recovery – and Rekap provides physical therapists with easy access to the imaging they need to understand their patients’ injuries and surgeries, and provide care tailored to each patient's unique needs.

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Everything patients need for surgery – all in one place

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Kaliber Rekap provides patients with the information they need most for their surgery and recovery, including:


  • Post-op insights customized for each patient

  •  Personalized, clearly labeled intraoperative images  and video clips that give patients a more meaningful understanding of their anatomy, injury, and treatment


This helps ensure that PT can be tailored to each patient’s unique injury and recovery requirements.