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Kaliber provides real-time support before, during and after surgery.

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Built with surgeons, for surgeons

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Kaliber Kopilot™ provides real-time surgical assistance and input with bluDot™ anatomical wayfinding technology, digital measurement, and anatomy and pathology recognition, making surgical interventions less stressful and more productive.

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With less time required for rote procedural tasks, surgeons can focus on patient care.

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Treating patients as partners

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The Kaliber Rekap™ patient portal gets patients prepared for surgery, and keeps them engaged throughout recovery.

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With Kaliber's help to explain surgery, prep and aftercare, doctor-patient consultations can become true collaborations to optimize recovery.

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Elevating care at healthcare systems worldwide

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Kaliber raises the bar for effective, efficient surgeries, even in complex cases.

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With AI-based Kaliber assistance, clinics can expand their capacity to reach more patients in need.

Upgrade your surgical toolkit

In partnership with global healthcare leaders at NVIDIA and leading surgeons on Kaliber's surgeon advisory board, Kaliber is launching a first-of-its-kind AI-powered toolkit.

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Intelligence Assistance

Intelligent assistance that meets the needs of surgeons and patients before, during, and after surgery

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Easy and Natural

Practically zero learning curve for surgical teams

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Seamless Mapping

Maps seamlessly to existing surgical workflows and healthcare system processes

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Compatible integration

Technology that's compatible with legacy systems

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