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Solutions for Provider

Kaliber develops solutions for providers to streamline operations and reduce costs across various aspects of healthcare delivery. Our solutions aim to reduce staff costs required for services, lower billing and claims processing expenses, and decrease overhead needed to support surgeries.


By optimizing workflows, we boost patient satisfaction and lowers administrative overhead, ultimately improving efficiency and financial sustainability for healthcare providers.




KalChat offers interactive chat capability to enhance provider access to information, providing efficient workflow through access to patient data and insights.


Our solution enables providers to quickly obtain patient-specific information and medical insights, facilitating informed decision-making and improving provider-patient interactions. 



AI-Scribe is a solution aimed at optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of medical records and clinical documentation by automating the transcription process during patient visits.


This enables providers to focus more on the patient, fostering stronger provider-patient relationships and ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction.




KalNotes use Generative AI to streamline OpNote creation, enhancing collections and reducing administrative burdens. 

  • Generate objective OpNotes within a minute after the procedure

  • Get paid faster and improve cash flow

  • Minimize billing errors and denials



KalMetrics is an interactive chat-based data analytics solution designed to empower administrative teams to gain insights effortlessly. Physicians can run complex queries by simply asking questions, leveraging LLM-enabled semantic connections to pull data from various formats and sources. 

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KalTutor is an innovative surgical staff training tool powered by Generative AI. Tailored to individual surgeon preferences, KalTutor ensures up-to-date tool and implant preferences, offering on-demand access to essential technical information on instruments and devices.


With KalTutor, support staff and learners can quickly become familiar with a surgeon's unique surgical protocols, accelerating their proficiency and enhancing surgical team efficiency.

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