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Human ingenuity and the precision of machine learning


Now in development: end-to-end surgical SaMD, powered
by AI and an extensive repository of arthroscopic data

Kaliber is building a comprehensive ecosystem of software solutions for minimally invasive surgery, all designed to be fully compatible with legacy systems and to map seamlessly to existing workflows.

Intelligent, data-driven patient communication.png

Intelligent, data-driven patient communication

A personalized, HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform featuring shareable, AI-labeled intraoperative imaging and videos, illustrated anatomy guides, physical therapy resources, and key information about each
patient’s surgeon

Real-time intraoperative AI.png

Real-time intraoperative AI

Digital surgical assistance that will include real-time recognition, measurement, and landmarking
capabilities – all made possible by Kaliber’s proprietary AI

Surgeon analytics & feedback.png

Surgeon analytics & feedback

AI-powered analytics and personalized feedback to help surgeons continue to learn and improve throughout
their careers

Integrated OR Applications.png

Integrated OR applications

An intelligent layer for Connected OR systems, to include automated recording for endoscopic procedures and automated surgery stage recognition


All referenced product innovations are in development or still being designed. Such innovations are not FDA-cleared or approved and some will require FDA clearance or approval.


Designed with surgeons to address the needs of every stakeholder in minimally invasive surgery

We design our solutions in response to the unique needs of providers, patients, and payors, from pre-op through recovery. Our goal is to give providers the insights and tools to achieve better, more consistent outcomes, improve patient experience, and support a shift towards evidence-based care.

To accomplish this, we’ve assembled a Surgeon Advisory Board comprised of the United States’ leading arthroscopic surgeons. They tell us what tools they need most. We build them. Our Surgeon Advisory Board members also provide ongoing feedback and guidance.


Interested in learning more?

Reach out to our team to request more information or a demo.

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