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A purpose-driven company shaping
the future of surgery

A surgeon-guided medtech company uniting
the skills of surgeons with the power of AI

With an inference speed 10 times faster than the human brain, Kaliber’s core technology is designed to provide surgeons with enhanced intraoperative awareness using AI augmented vision and tools. 


We channel the insights our AI generates from surgical procedures into intelligent solutions that support quality, access, and cost of care.

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Meet Kaliber: A team of leading
surgeons and technologists

Our products are the result of a team of talented individuals who bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to our work.

Term of Use
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Be extraordinary

We created Kaliber to make a meaningful difference in our customers’ lives, and we go the extra mile to build and deliver solutions that our customers love.

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Think outside the box

We’re innovators who believe in the strength and ingenuity of the human spirit. We embrace exploration and have the courage to try and fail...and to get up and try again until we get it right.

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Do the right thing

Because it’s not just what you do, but how you do it that matters, we act with integrity, respect, and honesty. Always.

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Be a team player

Great things are accomplished by teams, not individuals. We value our colleagues, support one another, and work together to reach our goals.

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Listen first

Creating exceptional products and taking action that is informed and thoughtful begins with listening to our customers and to each other.

Our values

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